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Bootcamp in Sevenoaks with Carolyn Atkins

This total body workout leaves you energised for the weekend! Including cardio, strength training, flexibility and agility, this class is not to be missed! We use the whole recreational field for drill and circuit style workouts as well as the pavilion when its too wet! For tone, weight management and overall fitness this is this class for you!

Kind words

I have trained with Carolyn for over a decade. Over the years we have done a mixture of training including running, circuit training, Pilates, yoga and HIT (High Intensity Training) using a variety of equipment such as Bosu ball, Swiss ball, 'magic circle', hand weights, ankle weights and bands. She is an excellent Personal Trainer and her attention to detail is second to none. Carolyn is constantly checking that I am in the correct position for an exercise and will either move my body into the right position or will patiently explain what I should be doing. This means that I get more benefit from the session and it is tailored to me. Carolyn's sessions are always fun and varied so you never get bored!Debbie x

It’s a must do class! Some weeks I honestly can’t figure out if my abs are hurting from crunches or laughing. I call it my therapy and even when I feel I just can’t get myself back out there exercising, I’ll drag myself to this class and Carolyn will get me motivated. Carolyn is an incredibly experienced instructor who takes a fun & holistic approach to everything she does. Her constant energy is inspiring. Throughout the session she will ensure everyone is working to there maximum whilst taking into account any injuries or ‘recent lack of exercise’ to keep you safe. The sessions are varied including cardio, HIT, circuits, mat work but for me the most important thing is how much fun she makes something that can often feel like such hard work. You’ll know you’ve been to Carolyn’s Bootcamp class the next day and within weeks you’ll notice how much stronger you feel. Get yourself there Friday mornings, you won’t regret it.Natalie x

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