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Yoga in Sevenoaks with Carolyn Atkins

Yoga offers a unique balance of mind and body. Through a series of postures we focus on promoting strength, balance and flexibility, learning the bodies best alignment. Twists, backbends, forward folds, hip openings, standing and on poses on the mat, challenges the bodies range of movement. Breathing techniques and meditation are integrated as well.

Once you have checked availability with me by phone or email, please book your class below. There is a taster session option of £9 for you to come along and try out a class, if you then decide to continue, this will then be paid on a term basis. Or you can pay for a 6 week term for £54. If it is a 5 week term, a session will be carried over. Payment can be made through your PayPal account, credit or debit card.

Core Pilates with Carolyn Atkins, Sevenoaks
Core Pilates with Carolyn Atkins, Sevenoaks
  • Tuesday 9:20 - 10:30 Yoga (Meditation & Relaxation)
  • Chipstead Church Hall - £9
  • Other venues available - please ask
  • *Please check Availability with me before booking a class*
Core Pilates with Carolyn Atkins, Sevenoaks

Additional classes & One to One Yoga

Core Pilates with Carolyn Atkins, Sevenoaks
  • Yoga at the Manor Clinic, Sevenoaks
  • I also run Hatha Yoga classes on Tuesdays at the Manor Clinic, Sevenoaks. Increase your flexibility, balance and strength as you move mindfully through a flowing range of yoga postures. Awareness of your breath and total bodily relaxation leaves you feeling energised and refreshed.
Core Pilates with Carolyn Atkins, Sevenoaks
  • One to One classes
  • If you would prefer a more tailored experience, I also run one to one classes at my workshop in Chipstead near Sevenoaks, please contact me by phone or email for further details.

Kind words

Carolyn has been my personal trainer for many years. It has been a fantastic partnership and her attention to detail is remarkable. During our time together, she has helped me to recover from a very serious road accident. This I am sure exposed her to more than a few new challenges but I would never have known as she seamlessly developed new programmes for me. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and caring nature are inspiring. Caroline xxx

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